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Discover a world of possibilities in logistics. We are a leading Freight Forwarding company providing high quality services in the areas of road transport, sea freight, air freight, warehousing & customs formalities. With decades of
experience and an extensive global network of partners, we can meet all your logistics needs with speed, precision and reliability.


As a leading international freight forwarder, we specialize in overseeing the global transportation of your goods, adhering to the principles of third-party logistics (3PL). Going beyond transportation, we serve as your chain director, offering a comprehensive range of services. In addition to facilitating the import and/or export of your (excisable) goods, you can rely on us for storage, repackaging, preparation, and various other value-added services for your products at our warehouses.

As a Dutch partner and shareholder of the Sim Cargo Network, which includes 260 partners, we specialize in moving goods across Europe by road. Every day, we exchange pallets within our network to make sure your items reach all parts of Europe and the UK quickly, smoothly, and without breaking the bank. With our offices strategically located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, and Grimsby (UK), we don't just transport goods; we also have plenty of space to store them (about 50,000 square meters). Plus, we handle customs clearance right in our facilities to make things even easier for you.

Many people think air freight is too costly, but that's not always true anymore! Whether you're sending a small package or a big load, we can help. We can arrange shipments using regular services, combining cargo with others, or even chartering special flights. Our expertise in handling unique projects in tricky places makes us the perfect air cargo team for you. Making smart decisions can actually save you money on air freight!

We'll find the best shipping company for you based on what you need. We take care of getting your stuff in and out of all the big ports worldwide. With our global partner network, we always have the right people where we need them. We keep each other updated in real-time through a special connection, so we always know what's going on with your shipment. Better yet, you can track your shipments live through our customer portal.


We have offices in Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Antwerp, and Grimsby (UK), which means we work across different countries. But even though we have many locations, we work together as one team. Our main focus is always on you, the customer. We make sure that wherever you are, you get the same great service from us, no matter which office you're dealing with.

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Our team is all about youthful ambition and fresh ideas, but we also possess years of experience. Whether it's special requests or challenges of any kind, we don't hesitate to go the extra mile. We are not just there for the basics; we embrace the unique and demanding aspects with enthusiasm.

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Amsterdam Warehouse Company

We believe that efficiency is the key to success in a competitive marketplace.

We are going beyond storage: we offer end-to-end solutions that contribute to the growth of your organization or brand. With first-class facilities, an optimized ICT infrastructure and a dedicated team of young professionals, we take your supply chain to the next level!

Amsterdam Customs Company

We understand that customs matters can be quite complicated. But don't worry. We are here to support and guide you with various customs issues. With a team of experts, we can help you and your business move forward and grow, even across the border.

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